Happy Mothers’ Day

Mother Gile cropped

The mother in this picture is my grandmother, Margaret (DeWitt) Gile. The tiny baby is my mother. Being a mother now myself I realize how difficult it really is. I only have one kid right now and she is so demanding I can’t even imagine how hard it is raising five like my grandmother did, or seven like my mom. I like this picture because it captures a family moment really well: “See boys, this is your new baby sister.” Such a sweet and tender moment, but you also know that at any moment the baby will start hollering, or someone will poop their pants, or one of the boys will hit another, or somebody will throw a tantrum, or all of those things at the same time, and meanwhile mom is still recovering from the pregnancy and probably doesn’t feel super great. It’s amazing the things that moms will go through for their kids. Thanks mom, and thanks to my grandmasĀ and all the moms before them who made it possible for me to be here, right now, writing this to you.

Happy Mothers’ Day!

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