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5 Tips for Using Online Family Tree Sites

The existence of online family tree sharing sites such as and has made family history research easier than it has ever been before. I wrote a post earlier about how sharing your family tree online can help you find your ancestors. Online family tree sharing sites have helped many people make amazing discoveries…

Recording Homosexual Relationships in Your Genealogy Database

Regardless of whether you believe that individuals in a same-sex relationships should be allowed to marry or raise children, currently same-sex marriage is legal in the United States, Canada, the UK, and other countries, and children are raised in these unions. To record an accurate genealogy, you must acknowledge these facts.

Recording Divorce and Step Families in Your Genealogy Database

Complex families are not uncommon and have been around for many decades. Although many of us wish for a traditional, nuclear family, the fact is that cohabitation, divorce, death, and other circumstances happen to many families. No matter what your personal opinion may be about such things, they are a part of your family history.

Why You Should Share Your Family History Online

Martha Bryan was the one ancestor my grandmother could never find. Her great-grandmother on her direct maternal line, and she only knew her married name. After my grandmother passed away and I caught the family history bug at around twelve years old, I was determined to break down the brick walls she had left behind.…

Finding Families in Testate and Intestate Probate Records

It is relatively easy to find ancestors in the United States from 1850 on because of the availability of Census Records on multiple genealogy websites. However, before 1850, only the heads of households were listed on the census, making it hard to find all the members of a family and very difficult to trace your family back for…