Mary’s Links for August

Today is my first in a series of monthly posts that will list several interesting genealogy-related links I have found recently. I hope you enjoy! Want more genealogy links? Take a look at my Pinterest Boards.

Databases You Might Not Know About:

Old Maps Online
This is going in my permanent bookmarks. You can search for a location, or zoom in on it on a map, and it will automatically search various websites for historical maps of those locations. Try searching it for the place your ancestor lived. It’s pretty awesome.

Tips & tricks for searching PERSI like a pro
The PERiodical Source Index (PERSI) is an index of almost all of the genealogy-related periodicals in America. If you haven’t searched PERSI for information on your ancestor or the location they lived in, you should. Findmypast has a great tutorial on how to use the PERSI database on their website, and they have digital copies of several of the articles in the index.

10 Free Historical Photo Sites for Finding Your Ancestors
There are several places where you can find old photos online. Here are ten places that might have photos of your ancestor, or even more likely – the place where he lived.

DNA Tips:

Organizing Your Autosomal DNA Information with a Spreadsheet
If you’ve done a DNA test with or another service like I have, you may have an overwhelmingly long list of possible cousins. Jim Bartlett has some great tips for organizing all those matches.


Is the work all done in your part of the FamilySearch Family Tree?
If you think your genealogy work is all done, check again. Is all the information accurate? Are there missing children or spouses? James Tanner, one of my favorite genealogy bloggers, emphasizes that genealogy research is never “all done,” and recommends you double check the information in your tree.

Specific Locations and Time Periods:

Danish Genealogy Part 1: Parish Registers
AncestorCloud writer and genealogist Charlotte Anderson gives an introduction to using Danish Parish Registers.

Finding Mayflower Families
Rhonda R. McClure of The Genealogy Magazine writes an excellent overview of the resources available for research into your Mayflower lines. (I am descended from at least two Mayflower families myself: James Chilton and John Alden. How about you?)


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